MANZANILLO Located half way from Puerto Vallarta and Acapulco, Manzanillo es the largest Mexican port on the Pacific ocean: also known as “the world capital of the Sail fish” Manzanillo named after the abundance of manzanillo three (Hipponamei mancilla) in the region. Manzanillo shares latitude with Hawaii,.it’s average temperature don’t exceeds 85 degrees during the day and will never go below 65 degrees at night. The mild weather and the gentle sea breezes make Manzanillo a truly delightful place, although the most ideal time is November thru May, when humidity drops dramatically. Precipitation occurs mainly during September and October.

This tropical paradise, accessible by air or road offers activities such as:

  • Sailing, windsurfing, kayaking, scuba, diving, snorkeling and water skying
  • Golfing. Having Las Hadas Golf Course and Club Santiago Golf Course as all times favorites, other very exclusive courses nearby include Isla Navidad Golf Course located in Barra de Navidad, El Tamarindo Golf Course by Careyes and El Corazon de Manzanillo Golf Course, near Vida del Mar .
  • Tennis, with more than 20 courts in three different locations within twenty minutes drive from each other.
  • Horseback riding on the beach and into the surrounding country side.
  • Shopping. Supermarkets like Walmart, Comercial Mexicana and Soriana are located within few blocks from each other,but there are also plenty of local small boutiques specialized in crafts, furniture art and clothing. Sam's Club will open december 2012
  • Dinning out. From Mexican and Seafood, to Italian and even Spanish cuisine there are plenty of nice restaurants, either located in hotels or along the main boulevard.
  • Beaches. Besides the golden sandy beaches that surround the City of Manzanillo,there are others within an hour to two hours drive such as Barra de Navidad, Melaque, Cuastecomate, La Manzanilla, Tenacatita, Boca de Iguanas, Cuyutlan , El Paraiso, Boca de Pascuales. Tecoman, El Real, ideal for a day trip.